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AGS - The American Graduate School in Paris

AGS - The American Graduate School in Paris

Located in the center of Paris, a five-minute walk from Luxembourg Gardens, the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers US higher education programs, taught in English, to students from around the world. AGS specializes in international relations, diplomacy, business, and related areas, leading to a broad range of careers in international affairs, from government to intergovernmental organizations, to NGOs and the private sector.
AGS concentrates all of the qualities of a top rate education in an intimate learning environment, providing several distinctive advantages.

1. Specific expertise in International Affairs

Rather than branching out into multiple disciplines, we have chosen to be experts at what we do: International relations, Diplomacy, and International Business. Our strong savoir-faire covers a wide array of subjects related to our core disciplines, allowing our graduates to pursue careers in many different sectors of international affairs. In addition, thanks to our strong reputation, we have built a network of partnerships allowing us to offer complementary disciplines through joint programs, dual degrees, and study abroad opportunities. Our partners include Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France, Université Paris-Sud, Université de Cergy-Pontoise law school, and our main academic partner Arcadia University.

2. Privileged exposure to the international scene in Paris

What better place to study international affairs than Paris? With hundreds of intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, and multinational corporations headquartered in the city, and with other EU capitals such as Brussels, Berlin and London a train ride away, Paris gives access to some the most relevant opportunities and resources in the field.
Yet far more than the location of the school, Paris is woven into the programs. Through our reputation and connections, we provide privileged access to this international scene in Paris through internships, guest talks, site visits, and a full calendar of academic and social events. All of these represent enriching experiences, as well as excellent networking opportunities and potential door-openers for your future.

3. World-class international faculty

At the core of our expertise is our faculty, drawn from all over the world. It features accomplished scholars conducting original research at the forefront of their disciplines, as well as experienced professionals such as former ambassadors, senior UN officers, OECD economists, international lawyers, and NGO leaders. This diversity of profiles brings multiple disciplines on the subjects taught. It also supports our approach to learning that carefully balances academic rigor with professional competence.
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4. Multicultural environment

Students at AGS come from many different backgrounds and countries, with more than 50 nationalities represented in the student body over the past twenty years. This makes for rich discussions and debates in and out of the classroom – a perfect way to broaden horizons and foster what is at the very heart of the AGS mission: cultural diversity and exchange.
While coming from such diverse backgrounds, our students all have one thing in common: the open-mindedness and out-of-the-box thinking that it takes to embark on the adventure of studying in a different country and in an international school environment. This creates a strong sense of community, and many forge lifelong friendships during their AGS years in Paris.

5. Personalized attention

A charactersitic feature of AGS is its personalized learning environment. Classes have between five and twenty students, allowing professors to dedicate individual attention to everyone and reinforcing the interactive teaching methods of the school. The convivial atmosphere extends beyond the classroom, and our students always tell us how much they appreciate the strong rapport they build with faculty. As a student, you also receive personal support from the staff throughout your experience in the program and in Paris, from assistance with financial aid and French administration, to academic counseling during your studies.

6. Dedicated student housing in Paris

No more long apartment searches, no more agency fees, no more bad surprises. We offer our students the option of renting a studio in our dedicated studenet apartmetnt building. Our housing is located in the upscale 16th arrondissement, a five-minute walk to the River Seine, and 30 minutes to school door-to-door. Ranging between 15 and 35 m2 (165 and 375 sq ft), each studio apartment is fully renovated and equipped with internet, a kitchenette, and everything you'll need to live like a real Parisian!
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7. Solid foundation and guidance for an international career

Every stage of the educational process at AGS is designed to converge toward your professional success: from our curricula, which include hands-on approaches, to the connections with the professional arena in Paris, and the many networking opportunities that we organize throughout the year.
Our programs can be tailored to fit your particular career goals through topical concentrations, dual degree options, and internship opportunities in one of the many intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, governmental institutions, or international corporations in Paris.
Additionally, our career support services include resume copy-editing, job postings, career workshops, and personalized guidance. You are also encouraged to take advantage of our international network of alumni, which represents a powerful source of contacts spanning over 40 countries throughout the world.


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